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Alex Groves

Alex Groves is an Ivor Novello-nominated composer and curator working across contemporary classical and electronic music. His work often combines instrumentalists and singers with live-processed electronics to create richly-detailed and all-consuming soundworlds.

Single Form (Figure & Landscape)
out on nynode intermedia

Single Form (Figure & Landscape) is a collaboration with German pianist & composer Philipp Rumsch out on 3 May on nynode intermedia. Mixed in binaural sound, the work envelopes the solitary figure of the piano in a shimmering landscape of its own refracted resonance. Alongside the release, there's a music video created by media artist Lisa Zwinzscher and 50 limited edition prints of my original artwork for the piece.

Alex Groves & Philipp Rumsch - Single Form (Figure & Landscape) - Cover.jpg

Ben Goldscheider performs

Single Form (Dawn)

On Thursday 27 June, horn player Ben Goldscheider brings Single Form (Dawn) to the Southbank Centre as part of a programme of work s for horn and electronics. This slow motion sunrise of a piece maps out the entire range of the horn's natural harmonic series, turning dark and murky depths into a shimmering wall of sound ablaze with colour.

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