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SOLO is unique platform for leading contemporary classical musicians - a space for artists to share the music they love in an intimate setting and a chance for audiences to experience an eclectic setlist drawn together by personal connections.

Many classical gigs focus solely on the works being performed but SOLO puts the performers centre stage - one person, one hour of music. Think of it like a curated playlist by one of your favourite artists: you're not sure what's on it, but you trust that they deliver an unforgettable experience.

Previous gigs have included everything from live-looped viol consort works performed by Liam Byrne to John Adams' monumental Phrygian Gates played by Eliza McCarthy, we've had Stockhausen from Jack McNeill, Sufjan Stevens from James McVinnie and everything in between. Each set features formative influences, dream collaborations and new adventures, and gives every performer the chance to chowcase the wide variety of music that has made them who they are.

Check out the playlists below for a taste of what's in store, visit the SOLO website for more info and contact Alex here if you're interested in performing at a future gig.

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