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Curved Form (No. 11)


Curved Form (No. 11) is a sonic tapestry woven from slowly evolving cello lines and electronic delays. Starting on the very lowest notes of the cello, it ebbs and flows as it weaves its way across the instrument’s range, ending up in a crystalline cloud of harmonics. 


Written for cellist Gabriella Swallow, the piece takes its inspiration from the undulating patterns of artist Bridget Riley and the sinuous curved forms of sculptor Barbara Hepworth. Evoking their sense of motion, repetition and form, it creates an all-consuming environment where waves of sound constantly layer, coalesce and dissipate.


Cello & Live Electronics



Première Performance

Commissioned by SOLO and premièred by Gabriella Swallow on Thursday 12 July, 2018



View a sample score here or contact Alex to purchase the score and electronics file.

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