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Curved Form (St Endellion)


Curved Form (St Endellion) is a sonic landscape of ever-changing shades and subtleties. Inspired by the vivid colours of the Cornish coastline, the piece occupies a single harmonic world - an unchanging vista - in which the features remain the same but their appearance is constantly changing. 

Points on the horizon move in and out of focus as rain clouds obscure them from view. Colours are muted by shadows or brought into stark relief by sunlight. No two moments are ever quite the same and yet everything has a comforting familiarity to it. 


Violin, Cello & Live Electronics



Première Performance

Commissioned by Manchester Collective and premièred on Thursday 23 September, 2021


When the original première in 2020 was delayed by the pandemic, I created this studio version using highly-processed field recordings to mark the day it would have been performed on.


View a sample score here or contact Alex to purchase the score and electronics file.

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