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Four Forms (Horizon)


Four Forms (Horizon) is a sonic sculpture garden of interwoven lines and ever-changing vistas. Each performer acts as an independent entity - their music always slightly apart from one another, although sharing similar DNA.

Throughout the piece, these distinct elements are viewed in a number of ways as if the sight lines are constantly shifting and your focus is being drawn from one to the other. The material builds from the start, layering sounds in the electronics until the piece seems to breakdown under its own weight. As the piece comes apart, the electronics take centre stage creating an intricate, fractured sound world that slowly dissipates.


Flute, Clarinet, Vibraphone, Cello & Live Electronics



Première Performance

Commissioned by the LSO Soundhub Scheme  and premièred on Wednesday 15 June, 2022


View a sample score here or contact Alex to purchase the score and electronics file.

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