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Trace I


Trace I is an intricate and translucent web of sound made by gently layering up very fragile and ethereal material that hovers right on the cusp of audibility.


As a composer who can only play the piano, many instruments still hold an almost child-like fascination in the way they produce sound and, whilst I know technically how they work, there’s still an element of magic for me in hearing and seeing them being played. In this piece, the performer conjures these tiny sounds out of the violin through just the most delicate of touches and bow strokes - as if their intervention is imperceptible and the instrument is speaking for itself.


Violin & Live Electronics



Première Performance

Commissioned by SOLO and premièred by violinist Rakhi Singh on Tuesday 16 November, 2021


View a sample score here or contact Alex to purchase the score and electronics file.

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